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Osa Peninsula, Puerto Jimenez and Matapalo


Eco-Tourism, Surf, and Untamed Wilderness

Visitors from all over the world come to the Osa Peninsula, Puerto Jimenez, Corcovado National Park, Drakes Bay and the Rio Sierpe areas for World Class  Adventure! Some of those visitors have decided to stay and make it a lifestyle.   This multi-cultural area is gifted with a western frontier flavor in it's hub of Puerto Jimenez– the product of a long history of hearty adventurers settling there as gold miners, cattle ranchers or trophy hunters. Back in "the day" the jungles were peppered with adventurers coming into town infrequently to cash in a claim, pick up  fresh horses and stock up on provisions. With the prohibition of mining and hunting a new focus on the natural treasures and famous biodiversity has given the town center a new life. Hidden  down the outlaying roads are stunning beaches and the countries most  pristine rainforest. Playa Blanca to the north, Cabo Matapalo to the south and Carate on the east offer surf, waterfalls, jungle trails, awesome animal abundance and most importantly, a community of people dedicated to the possibilities of tomorrow with conservation foremost today.

Zoning Plan and Areas of Protection for many wilderness areas are currently being revised and boundaries reset.  Working with competent professionals and an attorney of your confidence is always recommended - but never more so than when buying in delicate eco-zones and beach areas. All paperwork should be closely scrutinized and passed by the Municipality or Forestry Department for confirmations.  Available documentation on properties listed are reviewed by Tierra Mar and associates prior to posting for understanding of the property status to date- but still,  buyers are advised to work with us to complete a full property review with the assistance of a qualified attorney to confirm our findings before investing to assure you are investing wisely and that you have 100% understanding of the new adventure you are entering in to.

white face monkey  scarlet macaw  crock  beachfront and palm trees  


Garden surrounding Matapalo beach house
Garden surrounding house
A tropical luxury beach house
A tropical luxury beach house
Forest side entry Matapalo beach house
Forest side entry
Pool and deck over Matapalo beach house
Pool and deck over beach
Beach front Matapalo
Beach front Matapalo

This very exclusive location and beautiful home at the beachfront are NEW ON THE MARKET, listed for the first time. lf you haven't been to this area of Costa Rica on the Peninsula de Osa, you haven't seen the BEST the country has to offer a nature lover. This appendage of the Corcovado National Park corridor stands out as superior for it's rain forest bursting with wildlife, the jungle canopy that sprawls down to meet pristine shorelines, the world class surf, the brilliant sunrises over the Pacific Ocean and spectacular landscapes and seascapes in every direction . A surfers retirement fantasies don't get any better than this one!  Prudent investors will consider too that this home could be a top dollar 'vacation rental' when not in personal use.

Amenities of this 3 bedroom home include nicely crafted hardwood finish details, a quality solar power system and a small pool built into the deck.         Asking $1,800,000

Matapalo 3 bedroom House - Kitchen
Kitchen and dinning room
Sunrise Porch
Sunrise Porch
Matapalo 3 bedroom House - bedroom
Master bedroom
View from Master bedroom
View from Master bedroom
 Guest bedroom
Guest bedroom
Bunk room
Bunk room
Matapalo 3 bedroom House - bedroom
Casita room
Matapalo 3 bedroom House - bath
Casita bathroom
Matapalo Beach Osa Point
Matapalo Beach Osa Point
Matapalo beach
Matapalo beach

Piece of Paradise - Matapalo Osa Peninsula

waterfall at Matapalo, Osa Peninsula  Matapalo beach on Osa Peninsula      Sunset view Matapalo beach on Osa Peninsula  hiking trails Matapalo, Osa Peninsula

matapalo rainforestbeach view through rainforest at Matapalo
Matapalo on the Osa Peninsula is a Rainforest Wilderness with an incredible surf break. AWESOME really is the word to describe this area. This beach lot in the heart of the forested eco-community is accessible by public road with 50 meters of waterfront looking out to the Golfo Dulce and Pacific Ocean . The site offers 9,100m2 and your Costa Rican corporation- All is "up-to-date". Preliminary surveys for a potential lot split are complete in anticipation of future division of use or shared ownership. If desired, the seller will consider making the split and selling the coveted beach half only. He's a MOTIVATED SELLER and will consider all serious offers or proposals for a split.
Asking $910,000. or $100/m2.

***Please contact us for more information on this property.
Information on this listing and others available to Principles and Co-Op Agents.
Contact Us: email@realestate-costarica.info

TITLED PROPERTY and MARITIME ZONE BEACH PARCELS are our specialty in the Golfito, Golfo Dulce, Pavones, Zancudo and Osa Peninsula neighborhoods.  We maintain a file of listings here in the Land Sea Office, and work with associates who stay up to the moment on inventory, regulations, movements, values and "pocket listings" in their special corners of Golfito county.  Land Sea Property Associates have more than a decade of hands on real estate experience in our area.  At Land Sea Property Services, we don't limit ourselves to the property search and offer, but take pride in our follow through including document proofing each property, title searching, escrow management and all related tasks through the final property transfer. 
"The Difference is Experience"

Land Measurement Conversion Guide:  

1 meter = 3.28 feet 1 acre = .405 hectares = 43,560 square feet 
1 square meter = 10.76 square feet 1 hectare = 10,000 square meters = 2.47 acres = 107,600 square feet 


Experts in Golfito, Costa Rica - Real Estate  Since 1994


We'd like to introduce you to Golfito through the eyes of our guest yachts at the
Located at the base of the Rainforest - A Traditional Port of Entry and Departure.
Southern Pacific Costa Rica just above Panama.


                        OUR "PET PROJECT"

golfito dog clinicLand Sea Services is proud of advances made in Golfito to further the humane treatment of dogs and cats. Community groups such as ZAPPA and McKee are reaching out to give low and no-cost care to 'under privileged' and street critters, greatly reducing the population of homeless animals in our area. Your contributions make possible the Low Cost and Free Clinics being sponsored by area volunteers and veterinarians. Each contribution of $10.00 sponsors a dog or cat that wouldn't otherwise be able to receive vaccinations and spaying - and wouldn't have been considered adoptable! Your  generous contribution of $200.00 will sponsor a neighborhood clinic with free services to 20 needy animals.  That's a potential reduction of over 100 unwanted births in a neighborhood in the first year alone.  Do the math?! It's a loving and needed investment. Please consider supporting our "pet project" by bringing a donation to our office when you visit Golfito. Receipts will be given along with our THANKS!  Volunteers for Clinic Days are always welcome.
                                          A Clinic Coordinator and Volunteer

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